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Moment Four

February 8, 2019

Each moment in my story that I have shared so far has impacted my life to where I am now, however what I am about to share; this moment in my life, would have to be where understanding food and the digestive system literally became my whole world. 


At this time in my life I am 22 years old, fit as a fiddle - working as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. 

I was probably teaching about 4-6 classes a day and what some of you don't realise is... a group fitness instructor doesn't just stand around, they participate in the session to demonstrate all movements - therefore, I was working out anywhere from 4-6 even 7 hours a day.


If you have read my previous blogs you will know that my struggles with food have been hard, and realising I was anaphylactic made me a lot of aware of what I needed to put in my mouth. 

Issue was, for some strange reason EVERYTHING I put in my mouth at this stage made me sick; I was finally at a stage in my life where I was fit and feeling alright with food; but then for some odd reason anything I ate just made me want to be sick.


No....I was not pregnant haha


This went on for a few months and I slowly, slowly stopped eating food. Not because I thought I was fat or because I wanted to be skinnier - I genuinely wanted to eat but every time I did, I felt sick and began getting a fear of food. Within a few months I was down to around 42kg, I looked gaunt and ill; not long after this, I passed out in a shopping centre and was rushed to hospital with severe stomach pains. 


For months doctors couldn't find anything; I did test after test after test until.... I was diagnosed with a bacterial infection called helicobacter pylori - simple terms I had a bacteria worm inside my tummy that was eating my stomach lining and had destroyed 90% of the lining - which caused stomach acid to create a burning sensation when I was eating. 



CRAZY RIGHT... Well according to the doctor this bug is very common but based upon my exercise level and the fact I was not eating enough - the bug had nothing to feed on so it started attacking me. 

At this point in my life I knew I needed to change a few things to make sure that I would be healthy. 


Getting rid of the bug was a very long process including 8 tablets a day, vomiting repeatedly and the recovering of my stomach lining took 7 years and still to this day it doesn't always seem right. The fear of food to along time to conquer, but again this moment made an impact to my relationship with food and my body image...


So lets recap -

Moment 1 Being called 'FAT"

Moment 2 Creating a 'good' and 'bad' relationship with food 

Moment 3 Anaphylactic to MSG causing limitations to food

Moment 4 Helicobacter pylori causing fear of food and damaging my stomach  


Stay tuned for Moment 5

With Love Sarah xoxo



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