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Are you eating enough?

January 13, 2018


I see so many diets out there these days where the calories are at 1200, and the information stating 'it will make you loose weight'


WHAT IS THAT? a starvation diet? a diet that will probably create a yo-yo affect for you (meaning: drop the weight then it comes back in two seconds)


The thought of eating less to loose weight sounds right but the thing is; its barely true, its not about eating less its about eating right & eating smart.


The average Basal Metabolic Rate is between 1400-1800 meaning when you are sleeping and not doing a single thing we need an average of 1400 calories to sustain just lying there, so think about what you would actually need when you are working, exercising or just living!


Don't get me wrong just like a no carb diet, if you drop your calories or cut your carbs you will loose weight however its not sustainable and you will probably fail as it is not a lifestyle diet.


When you are thinking about going on a diet you need to consider the following:

-Work out your BMR 

-Work out your BMR + daily activity 

-Everyday is different as you will do different things so your nutrition should match your activities

-Timing of eating, this is more important than you think

Consider eating more carbs around your training times to match your energy expenditure

-Eat real food, real fresh healthy colourful food & make it balance your macro-nutrients 


Happy Saturday 

With Love MetaCorr xoxo






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