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2018 is here!

January 1, 2018

Another year has passed & another one has begun, & in the mist of all the Christmas excitement and Summer holidays, I stopped & took one moment to write down all my goals for 2018...have you taken a moment to stop & think about what you want to achieve this year?


Setting goals + writing them down allows you to see if you are on track to the right direction, I know what you are thinking...


What if I fail?

What if I change my mind?


So many people don't make goals based on those two questions; just remember the goals don't have to be set in stone. If you decide to take another path throughout the year, that is OK! 


Reset & write new goals. 


There have been many times I have changed a goal or even missed out on completing one, all I did was review and reset. 


But where to begin?


Try think about the balance you want in your life & come up with the categories for them, I have four categories I use every year: 


1. Fitness

2. Business

3. Love/Life

4. Adventure


I aim to put five things in each category to focus on for my year, as mentioned sometimes they change as I get redirected in life but having them written down in front of me, everyday, helps keep focus & drive.


By the way, what you want out of life may not be what the next person wants so just remember these are your goals & your dreams so don't let anyone change that even if they can't understand the pathway.


xoxo MetaCorr


arah Cantl

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