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Clothing Sizes

December 26, 2017


Welcome to Boxing Day, so we have stuffed our faces over the last week & then feeling sluggish we head to the shops to get all the best bargains.


As you walk into one shop you see a stunning dress and grab a size 8, head to the change rooms to only find that its too small, so you kindly ask the lady to grab a size 10 & much to your dismay its STILL to small, you're too embarrassed to ask again for another size so you quickly say 'thank you' and move onto the next shop. 


But then you find a similar dress at another store so to save yourself the embarrassment of asking for a another size, you grab the size 12 & head to the dressing rooms,

Trying the dress on now only find its too big, so you drop to a size 10 & its STILL to big, so you get the size 8 & it fits.


Funny how one dress is a size 12 to fit the same body that also fits in the size 8 dress!


The reason I am telling you this story is no I did not go to the shops today & this happen to me as I went but only looked at shoes.


But I do bet this has happened to every single girl out there. The thing is no store has the same sizing nor does there seem to be a standard size for women either, so why is it that we have this expectation of the size we should fit into as a person?


Size 8, Size 10, Size 12 & so on & on, who cares, sizes do not define us, they do not make you a better person so find the dress you like, wear it with beauty, & lets be serious no one can see the tag anyway.


With Love xoxo


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