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Eating Out while Dieting

July 15, 2017

As they say the diet that is right for you is the one you can stick too BUT how can you stick to a diet when you cannot enjoy life by going out for brunch or dinner with your friends? Flexibility is key.


So the aim is that you can still find balance in your life and achieve your goals.


Here are some tips to eating out while trying to eat clean


Tip 1:

Preparation, do you research before hand, check out the menu where you are going and decide prior what you are going to eat.


Tip 2:

Choice, when deciding on your meal choose things that do not have sauces, aim for more of a meat and vegetable dish


Tip 3:

Moderation, stick to just the one meal avoid having an entrée and a dessert - go into the outing knowing that you are going to stick to the one meal.


Tip 4:

Meal sizing, is the entrée size going to be a better portion rather than the main meals - you can always ask for the entrée to come out as a main


Tip 5:

Don't be fooled, restaurants always have started like bread on the table to fill you up more, try sticking to your meal as this is unnecessary and a technique to make the customer more satisfied.


Tip 6:

Your drinks can be calories too, we all like a wine or beer with our meal which is enjoying but just keep in mind how many you intake over the outing.


Tip 7:

Find balance, remember your goal but remember this is real life and you need to enjoy yourself so find what makes you happy & what is healthy & ENJOY

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