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Spice Up Your Life

July 12, 2017


We are smack bang in the middle of winter and I bet those hearty dinners are making you feel nice and warm, until you look in the mirror and start to see that all those saucy dishes are noticeable on your hips, thighs and waist.

Rather than adding in all those extra sauces, why not zing up your life with spices and herbs in your dinner dishes. There are many benefits to herbs and spices plus with the right mixture you can keep your food tasty and yum throughout winter without all those extra kilos.


The best part about spices is they create such a great flavour but also have benefits for your health as well, check some of them out:


Cinnamon – High in antioxidant, it also helps reduce blood sugar and inflammation in the body



Turmeric – A powerful Anti-inflammatory


Cumin – Very powerful flavour, is great for digestion and boosts immunity


Paprika – Full of antioxidants, plus tastes fantastic on all meats and Fish


I could go on all day about spices, and also herbs like basil, parsley and rosemary but I won’t bore you. Mix up your recipes for dinner and add in those extra spices to create whole hearty foods that won’t add that extra winter layer.  

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