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What is your Why?

July 6, 2017

As you wake up in the morning struggling to get out of bed pressing snooze multiple times, you check your social media accounts and you can see that some of your friends or people you follow have already hit the gym, smashed a healthy breakfast and have been up for 2 or more hours. Crazy right?


You think to yourself

‘Where do they get the energy?’

‘Should I been doing that too?’

‘It’s too cold to go to gym’

‘I’m too tired, they must be insane’


But here is the thing, it’s not about being the first person up or being the one to do the most in the day. To achieve your goal you do not have to do either of these things, it's about how you use the time when you are awake but what you need is to find what suits you and stay consistent.


It’s about finding the reason WHY!


As a personal trainer on a weekly basis I hear from my clients and general gym goers who find themselves on this rollercoaster where one minute they are extremely strict with their diet, attending all their training sessions until




Life happens and they find themselves eating the third donut, sleeping in and back at square one. This is more common than you think and to be honest I have done it before as well.


I’m not talking about having a wanting to gain muscle, getting toned, or losing weight – these are all goals, I am referring to the underlying reason. Why do you do want to lose weight, why do you want to put on muscle.


STOP for one minute, sit back and really think…WHY???


Understanding your reason WHY behind your goal is what will make you determined to get out of bed when you are cold and tired, it is what will stop you from eating that extra piece of cake or any cake at all.


No one can decide your goals but you, and no one can create the reason why, so sometime this week I want you to write down 3 goals, and next to those goals write the reason why!


See if that gets you off that up and down roller coaster and onto that one way staircase which only goes upwards.



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