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May 8, 2017

During my comp exercise became a negative, I found myself falling out of love with the one thing I spent my whole life building a career in.


My coach had me training 2 times a day and sessions would last anywhere up to 1.5-2hours this would have been fine if it was my only focus however I was also working full time along with running my business part time therefore my whole body and my attitude changed.


It become a chore!


Exercise is so good for your body and the last 6 months since comp I have just been doing anything I wanted in the gym, no focus, and the only goal was to enjoy it again.


I can now say that I cannot wait to train everyday, it's back - that flare, that fire inside to get up and lift a weight. But I strongly believe if you walk into the gym without a focus you won't achieve your potential.


So the last week I have sat down wrote out my goals; designed a program & diet for me to follow to achieve this.


My program includes both weights, cardio, and postural/rehab corrections so I can cover all areas of my goals.


Monday - Glutes (High Carbs)

Tuesday - Back (Medium Carbs) 

Wednesday - Rehab (Low Carbs)

Thursday - Quads (High Carb)

Friday - Shoulders (Medium Carbs)

Saturday - Fasted Cardio (Low Carbs)



My diet is not a typical "diet" it is a healthy lifestyle - I am eating meat, vegetables, fruit, carbs, fats, protein, grains, everything! I am however including carb cycling to balance with my program.


I have 1 year to achieve my goal, seems like a long time right but it's not a quick fix it's a lifestyle, a routine that I enjoy & will love myself more for. 


Find your routine that suits you! 




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