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My Rehab Journey

April 25, 2017


For the first time in my life I am actually listening to the osteopath and the doctors and have started focusing on rehabilitation training rather than physique training. We all want that great summer body and I was willing to do just about anything to make sure I achieved it. Unfortunately with participating in extreme sports like snowboarding and wake boarding I formed a condition called ‘Costochondritis’ last March – which is the inflammation on the ribs and sternum and only recently injured my cervical vertebrae.


Even though I had many previous injuries and received information from allied health professionals advising to rest, I was determined to continue to train and enjoy my outdoor sports. With the recent neck injury I found daily pain to be unbearable and decided to make a change to my goals.My focus has been to decrease pain in neck, back and chest; to also realign my scapula and correct my posture for improvement in my daily functions. Within the last two months I have solely focused on Rehabilitation creating my own program to enhance my movements and become pain free.


Realising now that my health and wellbeing is far more important than the image I see in the mirror, I regret not acting upon the advice given by allied health professionals. In saying that, I have learnt that it’s never too late and with the program I am currently following I have seen a significant change in my pain levels, as well as posture, not to mention have almost doubled my strength in my lower trapezius and serratus anterior.


Knowing that I had to put my physique training on hold, there was a glimpse of concern about gaining weight or loosing muscle during the rehabilitation process. To prevent this from occurring, I implemented a refined diet and still managing to include some cardiovascular training, which in turn improved my physique through muscle definition and decreased body fat.


The reason I want to share this with you is as a personal trainer I often hear people complaining of back injuries, or general pain; this doesn’t have to be accepted as the ‘norm’. You can still progress your training and look great while you focus on your posture and injuries, there are so many tools out there including foam rolling and release techniques that can be incorporated into your program to create balance for your lifestyle.


Motivation is key! I am determined to wakeboard ‘PAIN FREE’ this summer which is only 6 months away; I will not let anything get in my way. Your body is a temple and as much as training hard and getting right is great, sometimes you need to stop and listen to your body, slow down and allow for recovery!

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