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Why Lemons Rock!

February 1, 2017

Our body is made up of all sorts of chemical compounds and to stay at a neutral pH level we need to consider the food that we are ingesting.

As a human our optimum pH level sits around 7.4, however can be impacted throughout the day based on our diet leading to acidity in our body.
High acidic foods such as coffee, pastries, soda, chocolate, processed foods and the list goes on are consumed regularly in our current society and can have major effects on our health if we are consistently sitting in a low/acidic pH level.

My personal experience when I eat a main meal that includes both high/low pH foods creating my body to become un-neutral I find that straight after this is when I start craving sugar, sweets, or chocolate.

For example straight after lunch I find myself looking for something full of sugar, this is where lemons come into it. Although lemons are classified as a citrus fruit outside of the body it would carry a low pH level however once ingested creates an effect of alkalizing the body.

There are many different types of high alkalizing foods to select from such as spinach, cucumber, and broccoli, avocado however straight after lunch I am not looking to eat more rather than add a squeeze of lemon to my water.
There are so many benefits to adding lemon to your water, from the morning lemon squeeze assisting with kick starting your metabolism to helping bring your body back to a neutral pH level and assisting in removing those cravings.



Lemon is a natural source to assist in cleansing the body, and has enhanced my ability to reduce my cravings, while naturally bring my pH levels back to neutral.

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