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Life Balance

January 1, 2017

We all look in the mirror and see things we want to hide or areas we want to fix; it’s very rare especially these days that you look into the mirror and are content with what you see in your reflection.


Let’s be really honest here… you are never going to be 100% happy with what you see, but there are many ways to improve your reflection of yourself and I don’t mean by changing your body or face; I am referring to changing your mental state.


Where people go wrong:


Not eating enough; this can put your body into a calorie deficiency so low that your body will start to store fat and any time you eat more it will hold onto it so that when you go back into low calories it will have something to use as energy.


Eating your Calories, although science shows energy out vs. energy in; and if we use this correctly we can gain weight, lose weight or remain the same. I am not disagreeing with this at all, however society seems to think that if they stick with this method they can eat anything as long as their calories are correct. Well, that’s already setting you up for failure- If you are eating crap you will feel crap whether you are on the right calories or not.


The fad diets – I could write 100 essays on all the negatives to these, however you simply need to realise that it is a quick fix, rather than a lifestyle and it will not be sustainable. As a result, most likely the weight you have lost with come straight back once you stop the diet.


Starving yourself, then binging – comparable to not eating enough, the same rule will apply with storing fat, however this can also lead to more severe health concerns. Your body needs fuel to work; starving yourself does not allow for proper brain function nor give you energy to function daily. Then, because you deprive your body for so long all your cravings come flooding in and you give in and binge on anything you can get your hands on.


I hear all these trends weekly, and as a fitness professional I will not sit here preaching and pretend I haven’t done one or two myself as I would be lying; nevertheless it concerns me that as a society we are going to these extreme lengths to find happiness within ourselves.




There are simple steps to feeling healthy, finding balance, being able to love yourself and having an overall better well-being.


-Setting achievable goals that do not relate to your physique, this could be long term goals or weekly goals completely up to you.


-Focus on goals such as frequency of training, or a distance you want to run, or a weight you want to lift; even find an event that could be fun to attend i.e. Charity run. This way it gives you a focus away from the mirror, yet something to drive towards and achieve.


-Stop comparing to people on social media, with Insta Famous Fitness Profiles everywhere these days it’s hard not to compare yourself. Just remember what you see on Instagram or Facebook is not real life and rather than comparing either use these profiles as inspiration or just do not look at them.  


-Enjoy life, remember balance is extremely important; eat the piece of cake on your birthday, enjoy a brunch with your friends, have a glass of wine on a Saturday night, EVERYTHING IN MODERATION! This way you will not crave it as much and it allows you to enjoy life; also find hobbies that you can do rather than sitting on the coach and guess what guys it’s almost summer so get outside and enjoy the fresh air.


-Lastly, focus on your health rather than your weight. By making healthy choices your body will thank you and you will slowly see the changes in yourself as time goes on both mentally and physically. This could be as simple as having a vodka soda instead of a lolly drink, having dark chocolate, going to bed at 9pm instead of midnight.


Ultimately, if you feel good, you will look in the mirror and start to see a different view of yourself, someone you can love, so when you get up tomorrow do yourself a favour and look in the mirror and tell yourself – you are strong, you are worth it, and you are beautiful.





instead of milk chocolate, going to bed at 9pm instead of midnight.


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