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Lifestyle to Diet

March 1, 2017

The best diet is the diet that isn’t actually a diet; it is something that can be sustained as a lifestyle. The actual definition of a diet as quoted from the dictionary is ‘The kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats’, yet overtime we have added the verb ‘restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight’.


Our society overlooks the fact that majority of ‘diets’ these days are not sustainable and therefore we begin the yo-yo dieting and/or failure to continue, causing people to feel like it is too hard to be healthy and fit.

Our general population who are not fitness fanatics or have the background knowledge of food; it can be extremely overwhelming with all the information that can be thrown at you, from paleo, vegan, 3 meals a day, 6 meals a day, calorie restrictions to raw food, shakes, prepped meals or even non gluten, non-diary diets.


Every week I have at least one/two clients, social media followers, friends and family came to me to express their failure in following a diet, so I tell each and every one that whatever their diet may be is clearly not the diet for them. If they cannot stick to it then it is not going to work therefore it is wrong.

Yes a diet can allow you to achieve a goal, and if you follow it then you will get the outcome you are looking for but the issue is not there – the issue is that we don’t stick to it, that we cave in to old habits, that we don’t do it long enough to see the results to keep us driven.


What each and every single person needs, is to find a lifestyle diet that they can stick to that will promote a healthy body. I could stand here as the professional I am and tell you that food is fuel and that you should only eat to function. Well, as much as this is the truth let’s be real for just a second - 90% of the general population love food, we socialize around food, and we indulge on yummy treats; therefore the moment we let our hair down and go off track we then believe we are unsuccessful and fail to continue the diet.


What we need to do is find a lifestyle diet that is healthy for you and that you can sustain, incorporate your life into your diet - like making sure you have an extra yummy meal on a Saturday and realise that this is ok as it is not all the time, and do not punish yourself or feel like you have failed as it is actually in you plan.


Choose healthier options, smaller portions, and eat slower; remember one diet does not fit all and mix it up until you find a balance for you!


your plan. Choose healthier options, smaller portions, and eat slower; remember one diet does not fit all and mix it up until you find a balance for you!


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