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I love that you have found your way here; now get yourself a coffee, snuggle up on the couch, relax and let's chat. 

Have you ever found yourself...

Starring in the mirror, pinching the side of your tummy or looking at every angle with disgust?

Going through the wardrobe screaming 'I have nothing to wear,  everything looks horrible on you?

Missing out on fun events, just because you don't feel you look your best?  

Being embarrassed to be seen in public because you feel ashamed of your body?

Beautiful, I can see you are nodding your head and I bet you have done this one or many times; because so did I. 

Yes, I said 'did' & there are days that I still have to remind myself that 'I AM BEAUTIFUL'.

I am here to take you on a journey to make you forget the above & feel amazing within your own skin.

If we haven't already met I am Sarah, I am a real talker; who will tell you as it is. My goal is to inspire women to feel confident in their bodies of every shape, every experience, every age; while still making healthier choices in life.

Your best body is the body you are in; it's your only body. So, join me on this journey to the creation of a positive mind, beautiful body, & happy soul. 


Your Inimitable Image
Confidence Guide

Finding & Falling In Love
With Your Unique Soul



Empowering Women

Flirt with Fitness brings you

1 hour to 3 hour workshops tailored specifically to your group.

We cover topics including:

*Your unique body


*Empowerment for Girls & Women

*Nourishing your Soul

*Moving your Body with Love 



  • Booty Program

  • Abs Program

  • Arms Program

We have built a system to allow you to create multiple programs progressing your training ​to the next level from beginner to advanced, it's time to move your body with LOVE